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What Is This Tongue Telling You?

Obedience Is A Relationship You Keep Forever!

Coronado K9 Training Centre

Private Lessons One On One



Private Lessons

The instructor focuses solely on you and your dog


Full 1 Hour Classes

Scheduled at your convenience Wednesday – Sunday


One On One

The instructor gets to know you and your dog


Your Goals Are Our Goals

Help you improve your ability to communicate


Unique To Your Dogs Needs

Class content is not pre-programmed


Behavioral Issues

Learn how to analyze your dog’s behavior and change it.

Need Lessons To Help You And Your Dog?

  • Walk calmly down the street
  • Safely cross the road
  • Enter and leave a vehicle
  • Go in and out the door
  • Pass by a strange dog on the street
I got a puppy now what Coronado K9

Want to talk to someone who understands?

Ravinn O. West (Master Trainer), has over 30 years of experience and knows just how to teach you, and your dog a more effective way to communicate.

 Coronado K9 Training Centre


Looking For A Balanced Raw Meat Diet?

Coronado K9 Raw Meat Logs are a healthy balance of:

  • 60% Beef or Chicken (Meat)
  • 30 % Organs
  • 10 % Fat
  • Bone Meal

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying!

I’m so pleased with how Bruce looks now. He’s not so gawky and in a much better weight. He’s so much easier for me to handle on the walks.”

Nicole M.
Calgary, Alberta

“My Mr. Stevens is a big ole’ Bull mastiff I could not control, because he is just so strong. I am so happy to say he is as light as a feather on the lead now! My neighbors call him the Peach! LOL”.

Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you for all the time you spent with the girls. Now we all take turns walking the dog and it’s no longer a chore for any of us. I’m so proud of them. Thanks again.”

Treya and Marion B.
Cochrane, Alberta

“Obedience is a relationship”

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